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Tin Men - Freaks For Industry
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Palm Court Strut (mp3)
Jingling Down the Street (mp3)
So Uptown (mp3)
Sweet and Slow (mp3)
Crazy 'bout My Baby (mp3)
Feets Too Big (mp3)
The Man From Harlem (mp3)
The Woman I Love (mp3)
Baby (mp3)
Otis Convalesces (mp3)
I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday (mp3)
Werewolf (mp3)
Washington Post March (mp3)
Blackbird Specialist (mp3)
Mess Around (mp3)
The Ballad of Cap'n Sandy (mp3)
Immigrant Song (mp3)
Great Change Since I Been Born (mp3)


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Tin Men - Super Great Music For Modern Lovers
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Hallelujah, I'm A Bum Again (mp3)
Lulu's Back In Town (mp3)
Cocaine Habit Blues (mp3)
Drunk & In Love (mp3)
Still Drunk (mp3)
Useless Without You (mp3)
He Ain't Got Rhythm (mp3)
You Can Be Sure If It's Cabral (mp3)
Function At The Junction (mp3)
Wherever Yer At Blues (mp3)
Mr. Sellack (mp3)
Working In A Restaurant (mp3)
Month Of Sundays (mp3)
The Darling Of The Okra Strut (mp3)
Location, Location, Location (mp3)
Mixed Up Confusion (mp3)
Dreaming (mp3)